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I am not religious, but I don't mind calling myself spiritual. Religion, I believe, has, over the millennia, been used as a prop to perpetrate a lot of human suffering. Faith is what matters. I don't believe in the definition of God as a creator. According to me, my God resides within me. Some call it conscience, some call it the sub-conscious, some call it the soul. I don't mind calling it God. So by definition I am not an atheist or an agnostic, but by essence, I may as well be. My God does not reside in a temple, church, mosque or gurudwara. It is right here, within me.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


We walk the face of earth
Carefree and unworried, saunter and carouse
Unhurried, pretend to be deaf
To the sound of the wheels

Expressing shock and sorrow
Each time it whispers
Sweet nothings in the ear
Of people we know, near and far

The crinkled crown of death
Simple in its imminence, macabre in its machinations
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Haisha haisha we all fall down

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