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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SCMHRD - The Interview where I ended up talking about Inflation, my friend's girlfriend and my band!!

The panel of two, a male (M) and a female (F) in the 30-40 year age group, smile as I enter. Both seem pleasant and polite.

Good evening! (eeks!!! It is 12:01 pm!! This is the time when I want to strangle myself!! My only hope is that it wasn't loud enough!!)

M: So you’re from Shimla. Very cold place and beautiful, isn’t it?

Yes sir! Very cold and very beautiful place!

(The female playfully mimics me, indicating that I would anyways say that as I’m from there)

F: But you would not find it that beautiful because you live there, right?

No sir. I used to feel that way. I mean I used to live in Shimla up till 10th standard. So I got used to it. I only realized its value when I moved out to Chandigarh and subsequently to Bangalore. So now when I go back home, I realize what I’m missing.

M: How did you come to Pune from Bangalore?

I came by bus overnight. Reached the day before yesterday.

M: Which bus did you come by?

Sir it was some VRL travels.

M: What is VRL?

It is a well known bus service in Bangalore.

M: What do u mean by VRL? I mean, what does it stand for?

Sir I don’t know what it stands for. This was the first time that I came to Pune by bus.

M: (nods his head) Where are you staying in Pune?

A friend of mine is in DRDO, so I’m staying with him at his hostel. Also, the hostels are outside the main campus, so there are no security problems.

M: Do you find it ethically correct to stay there?

(I narrow my eyebrows, but keep my expression positive) Yes sir, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I mean he’s my friend and I don’t have to be formal with him to say that I’ll be living in some hotel or something.

M: You don’t find it ethically wrong?

(I take half a second as if I’m really thinking about the answer) No sir, I don’t find it ethically wrong. It’s not as if I am using up some resource for free like eating in his mess or something. He just has his fixed amount of space is his room and he’s just accommodating me in his room, in the same space.

M: You don’t find it wrong at all? (raises his eyebrows as if he is surprised by my answer)

No sir, I don’t find it wrong. I think it’s okay.

M: What is your relationship with this friend of yours? As in, how close are you to this friend?

I am an introverted person and although I don’t have a lot of friends, but whatever I have, I’m very close to them. So yes, I’m close to this friend of mine.

F: Tell us something you have done for this friend of yours?

(I take my time to answer this one. I also smile inwardly with my lips apart, as if saying - what the hell kind of a question is that!!)

In college, we used to have our rooms right next to each others’ as we were in the same branch. So whenever he needed some emotional support, I was there for him. (I couldn’t believe I was saying this, but nothing better occurred to me at that time. Actually, NOTHING AT ALL other than this occurred to me at that point of time!! After all, I don’t go around thinking what all have I done for my friends!! )

F: What kind of emotional support?

Uhh….Like he had a girl friend..

M: So the girl left? (the smirk on his face stretch from ear to ear)

No sir. The girl didn’t LEAVE. They had a long term relationship, so you know, there are everyday ups and downs (the female nods understandably at this) so I used to be there and we used to talk it out.

F: You have written that you “blog about social and political issues and fictional snippets..”..What do you mean by “fictional snippets”?

Umm.. I’ll tell you about a recent thing I wrote about. It was a very simple event. Like I started from home in the morning and I was to walk up to the office bus to catch it. I’m getting a bit late. So I try and hurry and when I reach the bus, I miss it just because the driver does not see me as I forgot to wear my access card around my neck. So this very simple, mundane thing, I’ve written in a very creative way. (The female nods as if she understands, but I don’t really think she was impressed by what I said).

M: So, Aeronautical! (Falls back in his chair, raises his arms above his head, and making that “impressed” expression) So did u get this branch by chance or by choice?

Honestly sir, when you are 18, practicality is weighed more than idealism. I mean at that time you don’t really know what exactly do you want to do in life. And at that time it’s more about getting into a good college than it is about getting a good branch. So there I was. I was expecting to get Production, or Metallurgy. But I got Aeronautical, and I was happy with it.

M: So you chose college over branch?

Yes sir.

M: Would you still take the same decision?

Are you talking about specialization? (he nods) Sir back then you can’t really reconcile your long term goals with what you are doing. But now, it’s much more important to choose the right stream as you know what you want to do, say 5 years down the line, so you choose wisely. But there’s always a decision to make. For example, I have a call from XLRI HR (I raise my left hand as if to weigh it against something. The same instant I realize my folly. What I was about to say was that if I get through XLRI HR, and I get through SCMHRD, I would have a choice to make between a good college and an OK branch (XLRI HR) versus an OK college but a good branch (SCMHRD, say Finance or Marketing). Thank heavens I do not raise my right hand to weigh it against my already raised left. I realize the mistake I was going to make. So I wind it up saying..) So you see, I have a choice to make there.

The male indicates to the female as if saying, ‘he’s all yours’.

F: So Pranay, what kind of a person are you?

Umm..(I don’t know why on earth I hesitate here! But nothing was coming to my mind for an instant! But soon I gathered my wits.) I have patience. As in, I have a lot of patience when it comes to carrying out tasks (she nods sympathetically). I also do not get bogged down by defeats. I mean, I do not let myself get bogged down by defeats (I actually repeat the whole damn thing, in the very same words!) For instance, I have been appearing for MBA entrance examinations for 3 years now. And for example, last year I scored 106 in SNAP and missed the cut off by one mark, but I did not get disheartened. I have seen people give up on things after a defeat, and whine about it. But I (the female mouths this part with me, while nodding her head) have not given up.

F: One thing you want to do in life?

One thing would be I want to make my parents proud of me. I mean, a parent will always be proud of his/her children, no doubt about that. But I want to do that special something that makes a difference (I say something to that effect).

F: One instance where you made your parents proud.

Umm..there was this thing. I mean I had a band in college, and I played the bass and gave the backing vocals (the female says, pointing to the form, ‘yeah you’ve written it here’). So there was this one time where we were to perform at The International Summer Festival of Shimla. It’s a very esteemed festival where a lot of well known artists come and perform every year. So we performed at the ridge and it was telecast on the local cable television and Mom was at our neighbours’ place watching it, and when I returned home, she had that proud look on her face and patted me on the back, saying well done. So that was a moment. (the female seems all impressed!)

M: So would you opt for finance or marketing?

I find both of them interesting. Actually, in college although I did not have a lot of good grades, but I had 3 A grades and all three of them were in humanities subjects - there were Business Management, Finance and Economic Reforms in India. So I have studied a bit of Finance and I used to find it interesting. But then I also feel that Marketing is more creative and I can be better utilized there. But I was talking to a senior outside, and he told me that there is some orientation programme at the end of the first 3 months, and they tell you a lot about all the specializations, and you have to make a choice then, so I believe that I would be better placed to take this call then.

M: Pranay, what do you know about rural marketing?

Sir, I only have a general idea about the concept of marketing. I don’t know what exactly the term means.

M: If you have to sell this pen (hands me a pen) to the people living in a village, the poor people. How would you go about it?

To sell anything, one has to focus on the USP and in what way will that particular product be useful to the person. So may be, I will attach a strong device at the top which gives off light, so that this pen could be useful in areas where there is no electricity. And.. uhh.. I could also give it at a special discount..Or give other useful stuff free along with it.

M: Remember that the product you are selling is a pen. Now, can you rephrase your answer?

I would point out all the ways which the pen can be of use. It can be used to replace the chalk, that is used to write on the slate, and it is a mandatory step towards employment. Whatever you do, writing with a pen will always be a prerequisite for a better life for people living in the villages. So I will promote that. And maybe I will even give a notebook free with every pen.

M: Which was your favourite subject in college?

Like I said, I found the 3 humanities subjects interesting. So I would say, I found Economic Reforms in India pretty interesting. I mean with all the ratios and the indexes, it brought to my notice the realities existing in the Indian system today. We people, the upper middle class and above people living in the cities don’t have an idea what is happening in the rest of the country. A majority of the population is living in poor conditions... (I am interrupted)

M: Yeah can you tell me more about that? (he says that in a way as if I mentioned some particular thing.)

I mean we talk about GDP growth rate. For example, at an online community, I saw people saying let’s bring Olympics home. But what we saw in, for example Commonwealth Games, the workers were treated so badly and it all went bad. But most of the people don’t know what’s happening exactly.. (I knew I was articulating pretty bad here!!) Uhh….Sir I lost what had you asked me exactly about..

(They burst out laughing, including me.)

M: (to me) You lost what you were saying?

F: (to the male) No he lost what exactly you had asked him. (I nod)

M: (with a smile on his face) I asked you can you tell me what you know about economics?

Yes sir. Economics gives us an idea about the functioning of everyday things. For example, there is a store. It is located in an okay neighbourhood where the people are not that well off. It will arrange its products in such a manner that the low cost products are out in the front and the costlier products will not be displayed at the front. Similarly, there’s the same store with the same products with the same price in a posh neighbourhood, so the products there will be arranged in a different way with the costlier ones at the front. So economics governs all this. (I had read this in the book Freakonomics, so when I was saying this, I thought I was talking about economics, but I guess I ended up talking about marketing).

M: There’s a term called Inflation (He said the word so emphatically as if it is difficult to pronounce!) What do you mean by that?

Inflation is a reflection of the increase in the General Price Index. In India, inflation is calculated on the basis of the Wholesale Price Index, the WPI, which is a basket of goods whose increase in prices is calculated over their price last year… (doesn’t let me complete).

M: What is the inflation rate right now?

The inflation rate is currently around 8 to 10 percent and the food inflation is between 17 to 18 percent (this was pretty accurate). In India there is a debate that the inflation rate should be calculated on the basis of Consumer Price Index, the CPI, as it paints a truer picture of the prices prevalent in the market. I mean from the wholesaler to the retailer, there is a lot of increase in the prices, and the common man has to pay the retail price. So according to some, CPI gives a better picture of what the consumer has to pay for the product, so it should be used to calculate Inflation rate.

M: How is the growth of a country calculated? In what terms is it calculated?

The growth of a country is calculated in terms of Gross Domestic Product, the GDP. It is the sum total of all the earnings by the people of the country, and for instance, if a guy sells a product, so whatever he earns out of that, it also forms a part of the GDP. The GDP growth is calculated by taking the previous year’s GDP as the base rate and it is calculated on that. India’s GDP is currently around $1.4 trillion.

M: What dollars is it in? US dollars or Australian dollars?

(Pulling my eyebrows towards each other, as if concentrating, but still confident of what I am saying) It is in US dollars sir.

M: Are you sure it’s not Australian dollars?

(thinking) No sir. I don’t think it is in Australian dollars. Because I read in a comparison somewhere that India’s GDP is $1.4 trillion and that of China is $5.7 trillion. So it should be US dollars.

M: I think it’s Australian dollars (squinting, as if trying to peep into my brain)…

(thinking and shaking my head) No sir. I think it’s US dollars. (As it turns out, I was correct).

Pausing a while.. Then falling back, letting go, and smiling:

M: Very good.. very impressive..

F: Very interesting.. very animated..! good!

Thank you.

M: So how was your experience of the process?

(With a smile on my face) The interview or the whole process?

M: The whole process.

It went well overall. Just that I thought that each one in my GD group were just too good. But it went well.

M: And how did you think you fared in the interview? (Both of them were smiling)

(Baring all my teeth) Sir, I can't really say about that. I know I spoke a lot but when I go out of here, I will have to think about what all I said and then think about it. :)

F: And maybe then you will blog about it.

Yes, I might do that (smiling sheepishly).

M: Do you have a question for us?

Umm.. If I plan to go into marketing, what are the various possibilities for me? Where can I see myself 5 years down the line?

M: Honestly, I don’t think I am the right person to answer this question as I am no expert on marketing. It would be better if you approach the students and ask them to take you to some marketing person who can answer your query better.

Alright. That would be great.

Nods all around.

M, F: Alright then, it was nice to meet you.

Thank you.


  1. Much more interesting to read, than it was to hear the account of your interview..
    Pranay, I am really impressed by your writing skills, especially the way you've talked about people's expressions and other non-verbal communication. A very interesting interview narrated in an extremely engaging style. You do have a flair for narrating a real life incident in a story-like, interesting fashion.. Kudos!!
    And look forward to reading more accounts of your daily incidents!!

  2. Nice blog dude. I am gonna pick up some of ur statements and mould them for me. Thanks. :-D

  3. Dear Pranay,
    It was like a scene scripted for a movie. I really liked the narration and the flow.
    So far as the interview is concerned, the first part was'nt too good, rest of it was excellent.
    And one more thing, it is an out-of-the-box blog.
    Keep it up.

  4. Nicely written.
    And since you have already converted SIBM-P, I hope you let SCMHRD go for lesser mortals like me ;)

  5. dude I was asked, How to prepare 'Bisibelebath' (wonder whether this is the correct spelling or not!) and not even one single conventional MBA interview question!

  6. awesome.awesome. great narration. mighty impressed.. keep up the good work,..

  7. Nice work :)
    whats ur joining date??

  8. thank u everyone!
    @ashutosh - I did not get through SCMHRD.. Joining date for SIBM Pune is 6 June.

  9. amazingly penned dowm..loved reading it.. inspired even.. luckyily came across ur blog n just awestruck! :):)

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