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I am not religious, but I don't mind calling myself spiritual. Religion, I believe, has, over the millennia, been used as a prop to perpetrate a lot of human suffering. Faith is what matters. I don't believe in the definition of God as a creator. According to me, my God resides within me. Some call it conscience, some call it the sub-conscious, some call it the soul. I don't mind calling it God. So by definition I am not an atheist or an agnostic, but by essence, I may as well be. My God does not reside in a temple, church, mosque or gurudwara. It is right here, within me.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Unhinged in the rush of semantics,
Deeper into words I climb,
Feeling my mind unclasp,
From the exasperating rituals of days unbound.

Blinded by the darkness in the character,
Sullied by the dirt sublime,
My soul gropes for the scattered reasons,
Tasting the numbness of time.

Oh my! It’s six already, hours passed by in a daze,
In the unreal human lie which I now faintly perceive,
Let me fly, the literature unshackle my soul,
This is the only life I want to breathe.

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